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Franck, Mussel Breeder

Jean-Claude, Mussel Breeder

David, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Françoise, Oyster Breeder

Christophe, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Guillaume, Mussel Breeder

Christophe, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Hugo, Mussel Breeder

Annick, Mussel Breeder

Cédric, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Sylvain, Mussel Breeder

Pascal, Mussel Breeder

Odile, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Hervé, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Anthony, Mussel Breeder

Vincent, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Arnaud, Mussel Breeder

Camille, Mussel Breeder

Maxime, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Tom, Mussel Breeder

Théo, Mussel Breeder

Jérémy, Mussel Breeder

Guillaume, Mussel and Oyster Breeder

Eric, Mussel Breeder

Corentin, Mussel Breeder

Anthony, Mussel Breeder

The 25 producers of CultiMer joined in order to generate synergies and to get a consequent volume of goods with the guarantee of the origin. Today, more than 200 producers work with our group.

CultiMer's roots are in production through simple but radiant organization, which privileges pragmatism and speed of reaction. There we draw the required potentialities to adjust continuously our offer as well in term of quality, as of quantity or calendar.

This offer results in addition from our receptivity to the innovation, the prospective analysis of the market and overall of our commercial culture.


By federating our efforts around a unified sales department, we reinforce our ambition to develop the quality of our products to perpetuate the companies, which produce them, by causing a constructive partnership with our customers. CultiMer is a team of senior shellfish breeders who put more than 50 years of experiment at your service.

Our Terroirs

Bouchot mussels are produced in the bay of the Mont Saint Michel, at open sea on the west coast of Normandy, in the bay of Saint Brieuc, and in the Charente area on the Atlantic coast.
It is also at open sea that oysters from Normandy are farmed, which gives them their specific taste.

Cultimer produces 9000t of bouchot mussels and 3500t of “fines” and “spéciales” oysters. We also produce flat oysters and we can get numerous other shellfish and mollusques.

The Partner Spirit

The producers of the group are specialists who take care of the productions. Together, we master the production tools.

From the beginning of the production to the sale, we do follow one rule : fulfill the expectations of our customers in the respect of our economical constraints.

Our business policy is to join all the different skills which are complementary in order to reach common goals.

Products - A Daily Rigor

Consisting of producers only, Cultimer follows a strict schedule of conditions. Working with Cultimer makes you sure to work with producers anxious to obtain products of quality that consumers are waiting for.

Working with Cultimer is the insurance to work with true producers who try their best to make high quality products that consumers look for.


Cultimer is certified International Features Standards - Progress Food (IFS)


Take advantage of our control of food safety


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