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Sea experts at your service.


Deep roots

The 25 producers of CultiMer joined in order to generate synergies and to get a consequent volume of goods with the guarantee of the origin. Today, more than 200 producers work with our group.

CultiMer's roots are in production through simple but radiant organization, which privileges pragmatism and speed of reaction. There we draw the required potentialities to adjust continuously our offer as well in term of quality, as of quantity or calendar.

This offer results in addition from our receptivity to the innovation, the prospective analysis of the market and overall of our commercial culture.


By federating our efforts around a unified sales department, we reinforce our ambition to develop the quality of our products to perpetuate the companies, which produce them, by causing a constructive partnership with our customers. CultiMer is a team of senior shellfish breeders who put more than 50 years of experiment at your service.

CultiMer drains the productions of "terroirs", which are different and specialised. The conformation of the coasts are so that the quality of shellfishes is optimum.


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